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Our charity currently has seven trustees on its board, and also four Associates who represents various groups supporting our organisation. (Associates attend Trustee Meetings but have no legal status)

Khatija Volk


I was born at the Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu, which was then a small town on the shores of Lake Victoria. I attended the Aga Khan nursery and primary schools. I was very lucky to have had a really happy childhood in Kenya and have very fond memories of going to Mombasa with my family.

My upbringing was focussed very much on education, as my family understood that education is a very important asset in life. It is an asset that can give you the opportunity to realise your dreams, and help you earn a living to provide food and shelter for yourself and your family. Education is an asset that no one can take away from you.

I was married very young and have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.  After my divorce, whilst my children were very young, I went back to education and qualified as an Accountant.  This enabled me to provide for my family.

Education should be available to every child and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to join Friends of Mombasa children,  giving me an opportunity to support children in Mombasa achieve good education, so that they too can have a chance to grow up and support their families and realise their dreams..


Carol Groves


Carol co-founded the charity in 2003 following a chance visit to a school in Mombasa whilst on holiday with her family three years before.

Carol set up the charity in order to help improve the lives of children living in Mombasa, who have become very dear to her heart.

Carol’s skills are in managing change, strategic planning and fundraising. She also gives talks to various organisations about the Charity and is always looking for ways to encourage others to support its work.

Dan Purchese

Dan Purchese


Dan has been a Trustee of the charity since it began. He first visited Mombasa in 2002 and fell in love with the Kenyan culture and people.

Dan’s professional background spans both the IT industry and professional political campaigning. He has supported many different aspects of the charity’s work and development over the years, including marketing and publicity.

Dan has spent significant time at our school working on different projects. 

Karyn Hinks

Karyn Hinks


Karyn, formally a governor at St Andrew’s High School, was instrumental in getting the school linked with the charity. Initially she was involved with fundraising before becoming a trustee.





Karyn is particularly interested in the provision of education for children with Special Learning Needs and is working with the teachers in Mombasa to this end.


  Jan Watson (right)






Jan became a Trustee in 2019 after visiting Unity School with Trustees Carol and Shirley.


Jan is an ex-government official with experience in management, fundraising and has practical skills in organisation. Jan is keen on fundraising, marketing and raising the profile of the charity.


See Jan’s Blog on her first visit to Kenya.




 Steph Spanner

 Steph visited Unity School for the first time in 2018 and, since then, has been actively involved in its life and work. 

Her background is in primary school teaching. She has also started, and run,    various activities for children and their parents after school with groups of volunteers like herself.

She very much believes in caring for the whole person; academically, physically and spiritually. 





Joanne Harper 




Joanna is a long-term supporter of the Charity and sponsor. She is a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and often works one to one with children and young people who have experienced trauma in their past.


You can read her blog by visiting



Joanna has trained the Unity School Teachers, Summit members and Support Staff in NLP and has since returned to Mombasa to run a full NLP Diploma qualification..







Maddy Webb








Maddy is Director of Quality at TR Fastenings, an international company based in Sussex.




Maddy’s interests are fundraising through marketing opportunities and assisting students and teachers to broaden Curriculum Activities


























Chris Azzaro

Chris Azzaro


Having previously served as our charity’s Chairman and then 13 years as Treasurer, Chris is now our Newsletter editor and webmaster.

As former Deputy Head of St. Andrew’s High School, Worthing, Chris inspired an active interest in the children of Mombasa and has taken groups of pupils to visit the school. Chris now works with Schools and Churches to promote the work of the Charity.



Norbert Werre


Norbert is the manager at Unity School and an important link in our partnership. he has excellent administration skills and communicates information regarding Unity School. 

We have worked with Norbert from our early days and sponsored him to obtain his degree in Education.


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