Since we opened the School, all classes have been taught in corrugated iron buildings, with no proper windows. Temperatures have been recorded up to 40degreesC on sunny days.

Now, thanks to a generous legacy, the trustees have been able to commission 5 new classrooms, brick built, sliding windows, fans and electricity. We hope that this will be just the ground floor of a two or even three story block. Also in the plan are new toilets (at present 4 toilets serve over 300 children and staff) septic tank and necessary plumbing.

We hope to be using the ground floor classrooms before the end of this year – at the moment we are going through the approval process with the local government of Mombasa. The trustees are actively seeking sponsorship for the next floor. In total we need £100k but drops in the ocean have already amounted to £10k. Can you help? Or do you know a Company that has a budget for Corporate Social Responsibility?