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 School to reopen for students

 At the beginning of October the Government of Kenya announced that, subject to precautions, schools could re-admit pupils in grade 4 and standard 8 (10 and 14 Year olds).  Some of our Secondary school students were also to be allowed back. Just as the school started to prepare for the return of two classes, the government further announced that in 2 weeks time the rest of our pupils could return.  

An appeal was launched to provide equipment, re-employ teachers, and generally make the school covid safe,  


Latest report from our School Manager, Mr Norbert Werre

Corona virus came with tremendous challenges that affected our school greatly.  This caught us unaware and in consultation with FOMC trustees we came up with ways of mitigating the challenges.  We have consulted with parents requesting their help in providing paper packs of assignments for the pupils (very few parents have internet access).  Some parents are able to give some financial help and we are grateful to FOMC for their financial help.    In addition, with their help, we are able to support those families in desperate need with a food parcel each month.  Our medical aid is continuing at least for the next few months, and we are looking at ways of whether any local Rotary could support us. 

We are very thankful that we have access to the internet at the school and can keep in communication with FOMC.  Their support has kept our spirits up.





Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic at Unity School



The Government of Kenya responded to the Covid-19 crisis by closing all schools and restricting movement. The Trustees of Friends of the Mombasa Children appealed for help to support teachers and Families during this period of uncertainty.  The response was so good that we have been able to provide an emergency medical programme and supply very basic food to our poorest families.

 The medical programme arranged with Dr Luke Odiero will now cover malaria, minor accidents, fever, coughs, and other mild sicknesses. 


We original hoped to provide a package of basic food supplies for about 10 of our poorest families – bearing in mind that many parents working in low paid jobs in the tourist industry have found themselves out of work. However, the senior staff at Unity have managed to stretch the money available to 32 families! 

To help us continue this support we will need your help.  We are told that there are 51 families at serious risk and how long the crisis will last is an unknown quantity.   


Head Teacher, Mary Obara and School manager, Norbert Were handing over maize flour, cooking oil, rice, sugar and soap.

Oh – and Yes, we have suggested that next time they might observe social distancing by doing this outside, apparently it was raining hard when this family arrived!




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