International School Eindhoven Kenya Service Project

The ISE Kenya Service project has been very successful ever since its start in 2008. Together with the ‘Friends of Mombasa Children’, the ISE is supporting the Freretown Victory School in the Bombolulu slum district of Mombasa.

Starting with our initial commitment in 2008 to fund the annual costs of schooling for 28 students with money raised from the Whole School Sponsored Walk, our fundraising has been so successful that we were able to also start sponsoring the school’s food and health care programmes. In 2008 the huge amount of €7000 was donated to the Friends of Mombasa Children. In 2009 we even raised more than the year before.

Other events throughout the years raised smaller amounts of money as well. This money is now traditionally taken along by ISE teachers and students on an annual trip to the school in Mombasa. There, the money is spent on for example health care items, a school outing for the whole school and school supplies and equipment. We were able to see how this made such a difference to the students of the Freretown Victory School in lots of film clips and students’ and teachers’ reports seen and heard in our school assemblies.

Sending a delegation each year provides a unique and positive learning experience that is benefiting the entire school community here at the ISE. Personal experiences, shared by our students who had the opportunity to visit the Freretown school in Mombasa, have a much greater effect than any news item on TV. Thanks to this, more and more, the whole school has gotten involved in this project. Classes, as well as individual students and teachers have shown initiative in organizing awareness- and fundraising activities both inside and outside of school.

In the years to come, we are hoping to widen the horizons of many more students, both in Mombasa and here in Eindhoven!

Kenya charity dinner 2011

On November 16, the Kenya Service Project group organized a dinner to raise more money for the Freretown school in Mombasa.

Great amounts of delicious Indonesian food were cooked by – and under supervision of – Ms. Stolk over a period of three days(!). Presentations about different aspects of Kenya were prepared by the students, and decorations were made.

After all the hard work, the aula looked like a real restaurant for about 60 to 70 family, friends, and faculty members, who all came together to enjoy the food and listen to the presentations. There were presentations on past student’s experiences when they went to Kenya, information given on medicine and illnesses, drought and climate, and education.

The atmosphere was great and the guests enjoyed the food so much, that we even managed to sell our leftovers. About 1,000 Euros were raised, thanks to everyone’s help and tremendous generosity.

All in all, the night was a hit and we can certainly recommend it to you for next time!




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